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Transforming Touch Work for Nervous System Regulation & More

Jennifer Falbo-Negron, LCPC/LMHC, ERYT-500, SEP

Transforming Touch® Practitioner

Jennifer offers touch work also known as table work for nervous system regulation, developmental trauma, and energetic release. Her training in Transforming Touch comes from the work of Stephen Terrell and his Transforming the Experience-Based Brain (TEB) program. TT includes use of a massage table for the client to lie down so that specific points on the body can be held more comfortably. Please note that the the client is fully clothed and there is no massage. During these sessions, Jennifer will hold a series of points while the client chooses to talk, be silent, or have periods of both during "table work" time. Each session is different dependent upon how the client has felt since the last appointment and may include movement to facilitate the healing of different developmental reflexes related to a person's presenting issue (sensory issues, anxiety, etc.) or tracing different organs or systems in the body for healing.

Also of note, touch work with Jennifer is in the context of counseling sessions with client therapeutic goals and other psycho-therapeutic work. Her training is first and foremost in the field of psychology, not solely bodywork. Having touch work anchored within a counseling session is quite beneficial, because having established goals as benchmarks and a therapeutic relationship are essential parts of the healing process.

Jennifer may decide to utilize other modalities such as Reiki or acupressure points either on their own or within a specific point during the TEB session. Even short hypnotherapy or guided imagery scripts may be a helpful adjunct to such treatments. Ultimately, your permission for touch or other modalities is always obtained before and during the touch portion of the session. This is delicate work for the client, therefore Jennifer wants to offer as much choice, support, and containment as possible.

After several TT sessions, your nervous system's capacity to handle stress will most likely improve and you will feel more embodied, or within your body. It is the aim to have clients feel like they have more control over their mind-body connection and be more engaged with life. TT is good for psychological as well as medical concerns. Analogous to Somatic Experiencing (SE), the pace is slower so that the client can integrate the work. Trauma and stressors can already be unexpected, overwhelming, and faster than we would like. Thus, TT and SE are an antidote to all of this--calmer, titrated, and where time can be stretched out, where you have all the time you need.


Questions? Contact us and we can provide a brief explanation about touch work and how it can help you.


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