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Mind-Body Therapies:

How They Are Provided to You

Jennifer offers different mind-body modalities that can either be a part of the counseling process or are offered as stand alone services.

Within counseling sessions:

  • Somatic Experiencing

  • Transforming Touch

  • other touch work (acupressure, Reiki, various forms of energy work)

  • aspects of yoga, meditation, or brief forest therapy experiences

Bodywork can be quite effective by providing great relief to the client and is directly connected to counseling services. Trauma-informed care makes integral the therapeutic relationship and goal-setting when offering these adjunct services in the context of a counseling session. Therefore, there is an intake process, monitoring of goals, and discussion of your progress at each session. Therapy can be flexible where we may even combine modalities for the best result given what the client's presenting issue is at a particular appointment. At times, supportive activities are recommended between sessions to reinforce and generalize healing outside of sessions.


Stand alone services/workshops/classes:

  • yoga

  • meditation

  • forest therapy walks 


Each healing system has its own page that offers detailed information for your perusal. You can either use the navigation bar on the left under Mind-Body Therapies or simply click on link below to learn more about one or more that interests you.


Somatic Experiencing

Forest Therapy Walks

Transforming Touch Work & More



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