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Speaking From the Heart with Jen and Kim

Formerly on the Radio

Podcast Access with Donation to Best Friends

Co-hosts, Jennifer "Jen" Falbo-Negron from Phoenix Rising Solutions, LLC and Kim Giles from the Phoenix area broadcasted an inspirational internet show on what used to be Spirit Quest Radio aka Having the opportunity to broadcast live was such an honor. SQR was a welcoming and supportive environment with Clyde Green helping with the set up of our recording and sound. We are no longer on the air and miss it a lot but family obligations took our energies into a different direction. We hope you can find other shows that are meant to inspire and inform. Maybe we will be back at some point in the future...

When Jen and Kim were broadcasting, we showcased self-improvement and world-improvement topics--some of the topics featured or interested us were: green economy, bioregionalism, human rights, animal rights, yoga/meditation, counseling/psychology, communication, wellness, body/energy work, nutrition, etc. Look below for our podcast list featuring wonderful and talented guests.

Podcast Show List

Leslie Davenport (Healing and Transformation Through Self-Guided Imagery


Meditation Show with Jen (Phoenix Rising Solutions, LLC--this website!)


Connie Bynum (benefits of aromatherapy)


Salle Redfield (Celestine Vision)


Joanne Deck (life coaching)


Dr. Jon Pahl (Shopping Malls & Other Sacred Spaces, doc film Malls R Us)


Shajen Aziz (Discover the Gift)


Peace Show on 9/11 with Gary Beckwith (Harmony Institute)


Miranda Esmonde-White (Classical Stretch, Essentrics)


Sara Avant Stover (The Way of the Happy Woman)


Steven Halpern (healing music guru, Inner Peace Music)


Jodine Turner (young adult author)


You can listen to all shows through a Dropbox link with a nominal fee ($5 minus processing fees). The net proceeds will be a donated to Best Friends -- a 501(c)(3) company. Once paid, you will receive access to Dropbox through email. Please provide your email address in the "Add a Note" section in the Cart when checking out. Visit our products page here for more details.


As an alternative, payments can also be made through Zelle for the full amount to be given to Best Friends; kindly call Jen at 630-526-4325 for Zelle details, with any other questions, or to confirm your order for podcast access. 


We will respond within a week with your podcast access. There is a lot of great information in these twelve 60-minute shows, and we believe you will be satisfied that you donated to a worthy cause in exchange for them. Thank you for considering and donating for the animals.

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