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Nutrition Consultation Services

Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional

Coming Soon!

We suggest. You decide.

Find ways to improve your health with supplements and "food as medicine". There are ways to holistically support the different mental health issues with which clients present and/or provide optimal supplementation for nutrient depletion for clients who choose to take prescription drugs.

Products may come from one or all of the following companies:

Standard Process

Biotics Research

Banyan Botanicals

Global Healing

FullScript (features multiple brands in one place)


Disclaimer: Consultation Services with Phoenix Rising Solutions, LLC is not a substitute for medical advice nor may it be construed as medical advice. We ask that you check with your medical professionals about your care plan with them and also with the supplements and diet choices you may want to implement after a consultation with us. Phoenix Rising Solutions aims to provide education with suggested products, and you decide on what is best for you given the information presented by us and any research you choose to do on your own.

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