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The Benefits of Counseling

There are many different reasons why people come for therapy. Some may be quite decisive on their treatment goals and what they envision obtaining from working towards their goals. Whereas, others know life has not been going in the right direction but are not really sure where to start or how they would like their life to look like if in a better place. Know that you do not need to have all of the reasons or answers to begin your healing journey.  This process takes time and patience to unfold. Consider therapy as an act of nurturing yourself as you would a beloved child, partner, friend, pet, plant, etc.

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Below is a list of the benefits that can be achieved from therapy. This is not an exhaustive list; however, it demonstrates where you may find more well-being in your life.

       Having a better sense of yourself and your goals 

     •  Relaxing your ego's grip on your life

     •  Learning new and different ways to achieve your goals

     •  Managing stress and other emotional problems effectively 
     •  Finding and strengthening optimal nervous system regulation

     •  Developing a holistic/integrative approach to caring for yourself: body, mind, heart, and spirit

     •  Improving communication within yourself and with others, which may include having 

         compassion for and listening to your own inner voice as well as others. Expressing your 

         ideas in an assertive manner

     •  Establishing healthy boundaries with others and commitments

     •  Boosting your self-confidence and self-esteem

     •  Resolving inner conflicts and relationship issues

     •  Re-inventing yourself and/or concept of family after major life changes, such as moving, 

         new career, break-up/divorce, marriage, baby, blended families, death of loved one, etc.

     •  Recognizing and moving through resistance, treatment interfering behaviors, self-

        sabotaging, or self-limiting behaviors in therapy and in your life. Without disturbing the status 

        quo, there will be minimal change.

     •  Being okay with emotions, sensations, and memories that come up in therapy or in your life 

         outside of the therapy office. It is a natural part of the therapeutic process where you come 

         to recognize that your shadow self (i.e., what we tend to deny about ourselves/what is 

         holding you back from the life you want) wants to be healed.

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