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What People Are Saying About Us

Jennifer is an insightful person with an easy-going nature that immediately puts you at ease, allowing you to put your trust in her to help you work through your issues. Jennifer will push you to the limit you can handle, and there are lots of 'Aha!' moments during discussions. I'd highly recommend Jennifer to anyone seeking a therapist!

~Stephanie S.

I have taken hatha yoga classes with Jennifer for 6 years. It has helped me to remain flexible and strong. Especially over the last year of COVID, her classes, along with walking and meditating, have gotten me through this stressful time. I certainly recommend Jennifer's yoga classes.

Donna B.

Dear Hugo Negron,

Thank you for providing valuable insight into the job hiring process at the Resume and Interviewing class. While attending the Resume and Interviewing course that you taught, I was impressed with several parts of the class. First, was the level of comfort I had with your teaching style. It was very easy to ask questions and get quality answers based on your experience in human resources. I felt that you had a genuine interest in the success of us as your students. I like how you took time to coach us and provide feedback on both strengths and areas for improvement. Also, I found it helpful to look over examples of resumes to distinguish between effective and ineffective resume writing. Thanks for providing valuable insights into the hiring process with your class.

Regards, David Willeumier

I have taken yoga with Jennifer for a few years. I sometimes feel overwhelmed at work and can become anxious. I recently remembered to be mindful with my breath, like we do in yoga classes. This helped to decrease my distress so I could continue with more ease for the rest of my work day. Without my yoga practice, I am not sure I would have this awareness in everyday life. So thank you!

Michaelle Stewart

Before coming to Mr. Negron's Resume Development class, I barely knew how to interview properly or even how to write a proper resume and cover letter, but now I feel more confident in getting a job.

~Phylicia Bozzi

In a little more than an hour, Jennifer Falbo-Negron gently and knowledgeably led me and other participants in her Guided Imagery/ Creative Visualization workshop toward a quiet place within ourselves where we silently asked for answers to our personal concerns. I didn't expect to leave a problematic situation behind me as a result of the process. It lifted a great weight from my shoulders. The answer was within me.

I've followed the path to the quiet place where self-truth is illuminated many times since Jennifer's workshop.

Alice Johnson Refvik

Business and Creative Writer

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