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Yoga/Meditation Classes

Studio-Style Classes

Monday Yoga on Zoom,

March 2020-current

Live Stream Classes

Tuesday Hatha Flow Yoga Class, 

June 2021-November 2021

sOMa Studio (Batavia, IL)

Friday Hatha Yoga Class,

August 2019-March 2020, 

July-August 2020 (class currently on hiatus)

Vaughan Athletic Center of Fox Valley Park District (Aurora, IL)

**occasional substitute instructor

Yoga Strength Class,

September 2018-March 2019

Community Center of Bartlett Park District (Bartlett, IL)

(various yoga styles with body weight, hand weights, bands, medicine ball, body ball)

Yoga Instructor, October 2014

Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center Chicago-Area Retreat

Retreat & Ecology Campus, Loyola University (Woodstock, IL)

Monday Hatha Yoga Class, 

September 2014-January 2020

Hoosier Grove Barn of Streamwood Park District (Streamwood, IL)

Sunday Hatha Yoga Class, 

September 2010-October 2019

Community Center of Bartlett Park District (Bartlett, IL)

Adult and Family Yoga Classes, 

July 2009-May 2010

Boutique Necessities (Bartlett, IL)

Yoga at the Nature Center, 

June 2009-December 2009

Bartlett Nature Center/Tri-County State Park, Bartlett Park District (Bartlett, IL) 

                        Special Classes

Stress Relief Yoga, November, 2022

Gail Borden Public Library (Elgin, IL)

Outdoor Yoga (Pop-Up Classes)

Bartlett, IL 6/16/2022

St. Charles, IL 8/30/2020

Bartlett, IL 6/7/2020 & 7/26/2020

Geneva, IL 6/14/2020

Special Year-End Full Moon Meditation Class, December 2020 (online)

Special Peace & Gratitude Meditation Class, November 2020 (online)

Wine Down with Yoga, November 2019

New Year New You Yoga, January 2019

Yoga & Mimosas, October 2018

Wine Down with Me Yoga, July 2018

Black Friday, November 2017

Hoosier Grove Barn of Streamwood Park District (Streamwood, IL)

Wind Down With Yoga: Fitness in the Park, June 2019

Oak Ridge Park (Streamwood, IL)

Actively Aging with Yoga (Chair Yoga), 

May 2018

Geneva Public Library (Geneva, IL)

New Year's Day Yoga, January 2018

Resurrection Catholic Church (Wayne, IL)

Chair Yoga  May 2016 & Hatha Yoga,

June 2016

Poplar Creek Library (Streamwood, IL)

Yoga and Meditation Class, 

January 2010 & January 2012

Bartlett Public Library (Bartlett, IL)

Various Workshops

Ayurveda, Yoga, & Gong Half-Day Retreat, December 2023

Nazareth Spirituality Center (Batavia, IL)

Anxiety, Depression, & Vincent Van Gogh, February 2023

Batavia Public Library's One Book One Batavia (Batavia, IL)


Embodied Mindfulness for Self-Care, February 2023

Recording Available for Purchase (timeless information awaits you)


Somatic Breathwork Workshop/Corporate In-Service, August 2022

Easterseals DuPage & Fox Valley (Villa Park, IL) 


Trauma-Informed Mindfulness: Becoming Conscious of Our Inner Voice, July & October 2021

sOMa Studio (Batavia, IL) October 2021

Silver Lotus Yoga (Wauconda, IL) July 2021


Unraveling Stuck Energy: Yoga, Somatic Experiencing, & More (Trauma Sensitive), June 2019

Nurture Yoga & Massage (Richmond, IL)


Mindfulness/Meditation Workshop/Corporate In-Service, July 2016

Hanover Township Services Lunch and Learn (Bartlett, IL)


Women's Wellness & Personal Growth Workshops, January 2016-March 2016

Phoenix Rising Solutions, LLC (Elgin, IL)


Pitta Balancing: Cooling Down the Heat of Summer, July 2015

Quarterly Teachers Association Meeting

Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center (Palatine, IL)


Meditation Can Change Your Life, April 2015

Poplar Creek Library (Streamwood, IL)


Living the Yamas and NiyamasJanuary 2013

Quarterly Teachers Association Meeting,

Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center (Palatine, IL)


Guided Imagery Workshop, May & September 2011

Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center (Palatine, IL) September 2011

Bartlett Public Library (Bartlett, IL) May 2011


Meditation: Four Different Approaches Workshop, November 2010

Bartlett Public Library (Bartlett, IL)


Positive Psychology: Overcoming Procrastination with Goal-Setting/Affirmations, April 2009

Bartlett Public Library (Bartlett, IL)

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