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Friends of Phoenix Rising Solutions

[ and some of our extras too =o) ]

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Browse our Friends' website and information for more information.

It is our way of bringing a little sunhsine to another person's way.

Please note that Phoenix Rising Solutions, LLC is not responsible for the content, claims,or representations of these sites, products, or services.

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Forging of a Knight

by Hugo V. Negron

(A hobby turned into a thoughtful and engaging writing project over 10 years!)

Read the book that Fantasy Book Review said was a "very impressive achievement" 

and a "rousing of your imagination!"

Paperback and eBook versions available on

Kindle, Nook, iBookstore,,, and

Check out the seven book series on Facebook:

  • Forging of a Knight

  • Book Two, Forging of a Knight - Rise of the Slavekeepers

  • Book Three, Forging of a Knight - Prison Planet of the Mah-Lahkt

  • Book Four, Forging of a Knight - The Stolen Thief

  • Book Five, Forging of a Knight - Knighthood's End

  • Book Six, Forging of a Knight - Dark Siege Triumphant

  • Book Seven, Forging of a Knight - Against the Alliance

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Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 9.13.39 PM.png

Are you looking for wellness products such as 100% pure therapeutic grade, essential oil;

herbal products; and more?


 Check out Young Living for high quality products.


Essential Oils Simply Put...

                                                   - Lavender, Ylang ylang, and Vanilla are calming -          

                                                   - Frankincense and Sandalwood are meditative -

                                                   - Citrus and Mint are invigorating -

                                                   - Bergamot and Rose do many things especially for mental health and sleep


If you purchase Young Living products from us, we will offer you a free guided imagery.

This is our way of saying thanks!

Please inquire through our website form on our Contact Us page.

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Cynthia Gran, ERYT-500, YACEP & Gary Gran, CYT, DAy

Online Classes and Consultations

Hatha Yoga (Himalayan), Meditation, Ayurveda Consultations, and Vedic Astrology

Native Illinoisians living in Arizona and Minnesota

For more information: Email contact link

Yoga From My  Experience with Cynthia blog

Ayurveda Lessons with Gary blog

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Sandy Williams, Certified Health Kinesiologist

Sleepy Hollow, Illinois

(847) 420-9911

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Leah McCloskey, LMT

Massage Therapy and NAET

Intuitive Massage and Body Art

Elgin, Illinois

(224) 623-9680

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Lori C. Irwin, MS

Lovescape Relational Life Therapy

Couples Counseling

(603) 986-2154

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