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Guided Imagery/Hypnotherapy Services

Jennifer Falbo-Negron, LCPC/LMHC, ERYT-500, SEP

Certified Hypnotherapist

In the words of Emile Coue, "Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better."

Phoenix Rising Solutions offers guided imagery and hypnotherapy for a variety of conditions and goals. Jennifer is a certified hypnotherapist (CHT) through the Wellness Institute. She has worked with many different clients using guided imagery techniques and/or hypnotherapy.  Your healing can be made using a guided imagery, Ericksonian hypnotherapy (script-based) approach, and/or age regression hypnotherapy.

In any of these approaches, you would be put into a very relaxed state so that your subconscious mind, where all of your habits are stored, can be accessed and new wonderful, uplifting, positive suggestions can be applied to help you reach your goals.

Guided imagery and Ericksonian-style is scripted and delivered by the therapist directly to the client. This method can be tailored with specific keywords from the client. Guided imagery and hypnosis are used to envision something more healing and positive than what may be occurring in a person's life.

Guided imagery can be incorporated into sessions at any time without needing to be put into a hypnotic state; it can be used in Somatic Experiencing or alone as one of the goals for the session. There are many different scripts to use in session and also a self-guided version that can be used outside of sessions.

The biggest different between guided imagery and hypnosis is that hypnosis occurs when clients are below alpha level relaxation (e.g., final relaxation in a yoga class). Hypnosis occurs during delta or theta waves when people are sort of consciously missing content but when the subconscious is listening. Jennifer has short, tailored programs using the Ericksonian approach for the following areas:

      •  Self-Esteem
      •  Smoking Cessation
      •  Weight Loss

Another option is age regression hypnotherapy, which is more client-driven in terms of the material that comes forth during the session. The therapist then asks questions and provides support and guidance. Jennifer offers age-regression hypnotherapy for just about any condition.

Whichever method you choose, you will end up with healthier ways of processing your concerns and how to go about getting the results you want in life. 

Please Note: Whenever there is a history of abuse and/or trauma, a thorough intake will occur. It is essential to create a very grounded practice and establish a safe place before embarking in hypnotherapy. See my Somatic Experiencing page for another tool for establishing safety and nervous system regulation in a more body-oriented way. Guided imagery, hypnotherapy, and Somatic Experiencing can be used together to have a synergistic effect. However, each are suitable on their own as well for your unique needs.

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