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New Yoga class starting the Fall 2019
Jen is teaching at the Vaughan Center (Fox Fitness)
off of Indian Trail Road in Aurora, IL
Fridays starting 8/24/19 8:30-9:30am
Membership required (~$54/month-individual)
Lots of variety of fitness, mind-body, and spin classes available
Three separate studios for each type of classes
Mind-body studio has all the yoga props you could want for your use!
For more details check out the fox fitness website

Photo: Hawaii (2013)

Wine Down With Yoga
Back by popular demand!
Wednesday, November 20, 2019
7-9pm   $18   Ages 21+
Hoosier Grove Barn
Registration required at
or via phone at 630-483-3025
Save your spot for this fun and relaxing event to find your Namaste before the holidays.  Enjoy an hour of yoga followed by an hour of appetizers and wine.  Bring a friend, make a friend, have some me-time We look forward to seeing your there!

Hatha Yoga Classes (Ongoing)

Jennifer teaches at two different Park District locations.  Kindly register for each session at least one week in advance of the session start date to ensure a place in the class.

Hatha Yoga Classes at Bartlett Park District
696 W. Stearns Rd, Bartlett, IL 60103
Register in person, call (630) 540-4800, or visit their website
Sundays at 8:30-9:45am
Dance Studio (lower level)
Ages 14 and up

Fall Sessions
Session 1 Dates: 8/25/19-10/6/19 (6 weeks for $72)
           No class 9/1/19 due to Labor Day Holiday weekend
Session 2 Dates: 10/20/19-11/24/19 (6 weeks for $72)

Hatha Yoga Classes at Streamwood Park District
Classes at the Hoosier Grove Barn
Register in person at 550 S. Park Blvd., Streamwood, IL 60107, call (630) 483-3025, or visit their website

Mondays at 6:30-7:45pm
Hoosier Grove Barn
700 W. Irving Park Rd, Streamwood, IL 60107
Ages 16 and up

Spring/Summer Sessions
Session 3 Dates: 7/15/19-8/26/19 (6 weeks for $60*/OOR $90)

Fall Sessions
Session 1 Dates: 9/9/19-10/14/19 (6 weeks for $60*/OOR $90)
Session 2 Dates: 10/21/19-12/2/19 (6 weeks for $60*/OOR $90)

Hatha Yoga Description: Set in a naturally lit room for the day time sessions or a comfortable yet dimly lit room for the evening sessions.  This is a multi-level class based on the Himalayan-style of hatha yoga, which is more meditative, with some intermingling of other styles of yoga (e.g., short vinyasa, restorative, Iyengar/Viniyoga/alignment, Kripalu/self-awareness) and bodywork.  With a meditative focus, enjoy the benefits of deep breathing while holding most poses for a few breaths.  This type of yoga allows for full stretching while stimulating the mind-body connection and different glandular (energy) centers of the body.  Wear comfortable clothing and, if desired, bring your personal yoga mat and props (e.g., straps, shawl/blanket/towel, blocks, meditation cushion).  Limited supply of mats and blocks are available for your use free of charge.
* Specific Park District residents' class fee. Out of resident (OOR) fees are slightly higher.  Inquire at each Park District for more details.

Upon request, Phoenix Rising Solutions can develop the following yoga programs for you:

  • corporate settings for hatha yoga, meditation/mindfulness, relaxation techniques, and overall wellness classes or workshops to enhance employee well-being and productivity
  • individual or small group yoga or meditation sessions for couple's or family experience, to obtain foundations of yoga, for a restorative time set aside to really unwind from a stressful day or work environment, etc. (purchased as a 4-session package)
  • workshops for civic functions and community (fundraising events, girl scouts, schools, etc.)
  • yoga parties (bridal shower, baby shower, etc.)
  • counseling-yoga combination of services


Kindly click here for a tailored 1-on-1 or group resume and/or interviewing skills workshop.  Contact Hugo to set up a session today.
Sedona, AZ (2015)
Photo: Sedona, AZ (2015)


Wind Down With Yoga: Fitness in the Park series, June 2019
Oak Ridge Park, Streamwood, IL

New Year New You Yoga, January 2019
Yoga & Mimosas, October 2018
Wine Down with Me Yoga, July 2018
Black Friday, November 2017
Hoosier Grove Barn of Streamwood Park District, Streamwood, IL

Yoga Strength Class, September 2018-March 2019
Community Center of Bartlett Park District, Bartlett, IL
(various yoga styles with body weight, hand weights, bands, medicine ball, body ball)

Actively Aging with Yoga (Chair Yoga), May 2018
Geneva Public Library (Geneva, IL)

New Year's Day Yoga, January 2018
Resurrection Catholic Church (Wayne, IL)

Chair Yoga May 2016 & Hatha Yoga, June 2016
Poplar Creek Library (Streamwood, IL)

Yoga Instructor (during retreat), October 2014
Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center Chicago-Area Retreat
Retreat & Ecology Campus, Loyola University (Woodstock, IL)

Monday Yoga Class, September 2014-August 2019 (ongoing)
Hoosier Grove Barn of Streamwood Park District (Streamwood, IL)

Sunday Yoga Class, September 2010-August 2019 (ongoing)
Community Center of Bartlett Park District (Bartlett, IL)
Yoga and Meditation Class, January 2010 & January 2012
Bartlett Public Library (Bartlett, IL)
Adult and Family Yoga Classes, July 2009-May 2010
Boutique Necessities (Bartlett, IL)
Yoga at the Nature Center, June 2009-December 2009
Bartlett Nature Center/Tri-County State Park, Bartlett Park District (Bartlett, IL)

Unraveling Stuck Energy: Yoga, Somatic Experiencing, & More (Trauma Sensitive)
June 2019
Nurture Yoga & Massage (Richmond, IL)

Mindfulness/Meditation Workshop, July 2016
Hanover Township Services Lunch and Learn (Bartlett, IL)

Women's Wellness & Personal Growth Workshops, January 2016-March 2016
Phoenix Rising Solutions, LLC (Elgin, IL)

Pitta Balancing: Cooling Down the Heat of Summer, July 2015
Quarterly Teachers Association Meeting
Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center (Palatine, IL)

Meditation Can Change Your Life, April 2015
Poplar Creek Library (Streamwood, IL)

Living the Yamas and Niyamas
Quarterly Teachers Association Meeting, January 2013
Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center (Palatine, IL)

Guided Imagery Workshop, May 2011
Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center (Palatine, IL) September 2011
Bartlett Public Library (Bartlett, IL)

Meditation: Four Different Approaches Workshop, November 2010
Bartlett Public Library (Bartlett, IL)
Positive Psychology: Overcoming Procrastination with Goal-Setting/Affirmations, April 2009
Bartlett Public Library (Bartlett, IL)

Mock Interviewing with Veterans, March 2012
Illinois Department of Employment Security (Arlington Heights)

Resume Development/Interviewing Techniques (5-week courses),
February 2009-October 2011
Township High School District 211 (Palatine, IL)
  ♦ Schaumburg High School September-October 2011
  ♦ Schaumburg High School February-March 2011
  ♦ Schaumburg High School September-October 2010
  ♦ Hoffman Estates High School February-March 2010
  ♦ James B. Conant High School  September-October 2009
  ♦ Schaumburg High School  February-March 2009
Resume Development, February, July, & August 2009
Hanover Township Youth & Family Services Center (Bartlett, IL)

Phoenix Rising Solutions, LLC has the right to modify the contents of it programs.  Please inquire at (630) 215-5226 for any specific questions you may have.

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